10 Days of Youth Climate Finance at COP 28

Catch the highlights of negotiations as part of our 10 Days of Youth Climate Finance Negotiations https://www.canva.com/design/DAFta71wGf8/A7mB8qjhB7FKyH46CgpeFA/view?utm_content=DAFta71wGf8&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink

Green Youth Climate Fund Institution Explores Partnership with Generation Africa at COP 28

At the sidelines of COP 28, we had an opportunity to explore partnership with Generation Africa on implementation of “Adaptation for Green Jobs Programme” which seeks to target the African continent. Our vision of enhancing access and transparency of youth climate finance flows is keen on channeling the much needed yet very little adaptation finance to create green jobs for young people through adaptation activities in Africa. The UNFCCC pledged USD. 300M under financing for the Adaptation Fund which has outstanding pledge of USD.148.27M, needs to support youth led adaptation interventions such as those coordinated by Generation Africa and supported by various agencies.

Exploring Collaboration with Zambia Youth on the “Youth Climate Finance Baraza” at COP 28

The concept of “youth climate finance baraza” was founded with the local community at heart. Piloting in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon and Nigeria, we were at COP 28 engaging Zambian Youth on how we could collaborate on enhancing access to climate finance for Zambian Youth through “Youth Climate Finance Barazas”. We were glad to be part of an enriching panel of youth from Zambia and will be happy to advance the agenda forward post #COP28.

The Green Youth Climate Fund Institution at COP 28 In Dubai 24th November 2023 – 12th December 2023

The Green Youth Climate Fund Institution is at COP 28 to explore ways of advancing “Access and Transparency of Youth Climate Finance Flows”. At the Climate Funds side event that saw the GCF, GEF, CIF and AF come together, the joint messaging from the four head of the fund was that “Joint Programming was possible and key at the national level”. This deeply aligns with the governance structure of our “Green Youth Climate Fund Institution” through the 25 step approach to direct access to climate finance for young people. Moreover, we seek to explore continued partnership with national government such as Kenya to ensure successful implementation of our programmes and projects.

Green Youth Climate Fund Institution at GCF 2023 Africa Regional Dialogue in Namibia Windhoek 6th – 10th November 2023.

Ahead of #COP28, The Green Youth Climate Fund Institution took part in the 2023 GCF Africa Regional Dialogue which sought to unpack Africa’s needs and priorities with the aim of making the GCF work better for the African Continent. Africa is one of the focus regions of the Green Youth Climate Fund Institution given its high youth population, high rate of unemployment and very little climate finance flowing to the African continent. We sought to bring the voices of the African Youth to the table as our main objective is to “Enhance Access and Transparency of Youth Climate Finance Flows”

Africa Climate Summit/ Africa Climate Week 2023

Catch highlights of the ACS by some of our key speakers on youth and climate finance.

SB 58 Engagement.

Catch some of the highlights of the engagement at Bonn SB 58 intersession. Key highlights on how we intend to enhance access to climate finance for young people.

What did we have to say at the Bonn Climate Change Side Event #SB58