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This project hopes to enrich the lives of vulnerable girls in Makueni County amidst the challenge of climate change.

There are several challenges that are hindering the girl child education in the rural areas of Kenya. Among them is the issue of poor or no infrastructure that fail to take the girl child in the rural areas to be at the standards of her counterparts in the urban areas. This may affect her performance in the national exams. The current government since it took over promised to deliver to free laptops for the children in primary school. This is a promise that is yet to be fulfilled. In as much as this may be possible in the urban areas of the country, it may prove to a bit hectic for the rural areas of the country. This is owing to the fact that the use of laptops requires power that the schools may not be able to afford because of the high cost of electricity.

Aimi ma Kilungu settlement area is situated in MakueniCounty under Mukaa District in KiimaKiu location under the Kilome constituency. It is approximately between 78-80km from Thika town with the Nairobi-Mombasa highway passing through it. It has an area of 35 425 acres with an average land area of 24.9 acres per member according to the 1994 statistics. The settlement area is bordered by Malili Ranch to the north, Ulu settlement area to the west, Kiu ranch to the south and Kiima Kiu Settlement scheme to the east.

Community engagement and participation is at the center of the Green Youth Climate Fund Institution’s engagement.

We have partnered with national institutions to support this project which is to be replicated in all ASAL counties in Kenya with the project to be replicated in 10 other schools as a flagship.

Climate Change seems to the biggest challenge facing the 21st century. We cannot fail to acknowledge the efforts made by the world governments in the annual COP/MOP meetings in an effort to come up with a sustainable solution that will cut across all spheres of the society. It is however important to acknowledge that the solution will only come from the people themselves working with other key partners as the people are the only ones who know the gaps that there are in their society and the solution that they can best use to fit their needs. There is need for the upcoming generations to develop a high affinity for technology if they are to tackle the issue of climate change, SDG 1 on poverty and SDG2 on food security which are closely twinned with the issue of Climate Change. There is need to encourage more young people from an early age to develop a keen interest in the field of technology.