Climate Finance Flows in three ways; capacity, technology and partnerships. Young people are dynamic and have a high affinity to technology as compared to the other generations that have come before them. Todays severe impacts of climate change is manifested in extreme cases such as sea water intrusion and coastal erosion. To effectively address these challenges green, grey and blue technology will be necessary if we are effectively address climate change. Now more than ever there is realization that climate change is an interdisciplinary agenda that touches on key sectors from environment to development and now engineering. Therefore environmental engineering becomes critical is we are to address climate change and restore degraded ecosystems. Young people need to be at the center of environmental engineering and climate change technology.

However, capacity is critical in order for young people to be able to drive climate action in the decade of ecosystem restoration. That is why the GYCAF Institution is working with various partners cross cutting across different sectors to incubate ideas, technologies and innovations of young people that are geared toward climate action.

We recognize that climate communication and understanding is critical in the decade of ecosystem restoration. That is why we are willing to walk young people through proposal development to support them to put into pen and paper and express their concerns and solutions to climate change in a language that the donor partner can understand. This we will seek to do so through soft technology which involved research support and proposal development. These proposal will be supported by the GYCAF Institution Fund.

We will also support young people to incubate hard technological innovations and help them come to life. These will also be supported by the fund and where there is a gap we will support the hard technologies to be co-financed by the various funding streams.

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Applications open to the Tech and Innovations Hub

We are opening application for the Technology and Innovation Hub. It is envisioned that the hub will support young people to develop and drive meaningful youth engagement Apply now and let us support you drive climate action.

We recent projects

Direct and Indirect Access Projects

Some of ongoing projects

Adaptation for Green Jobs Programme

As a secretariat we set aside USD 2M for the programme which will strive to bring the balance between adaptation and mitigation finance. The programme will also go towards ensuring balance in global climate finance distribution. The programme will seek to create 360 green jobs in Africa, Asia and South America

Youth for green growth programme

The institution sets aside USD 2M towards this programme that will go along way in supporting young people to contribute towards global climate finance goals at national level through the NDCs and NAMAs implementation. The project will support young people to also connect with key climate change players at every level.

COP-Timizing Climate Finance Project

This project seeks to localize and mainstream finance information to the young people at the grassroot level who may not have a chance to be in the key climate finance platforms. The information is harnessed from credible sources such as COPs, SBs, SCF meetings and from key entities such as CPI and SCF.