These are institutions, entities and agencies who have dedicated themselves to support drive the vision of the GYCAF Institution. They act as a support system for the institution and give guidance accordingly to the board and the secretariat when faced with tough or pressing challenges. These are considered agencies, entities and institutions who have experience in climate finance mobilization, negotiations and discussions at national, regional and global level. They ensure they vision of the institution is kept.

Credible Organizations and Institutions.

..These are organizations, agencies, entities and institutions that look to support our projects and programmes. They are categorized under two key state, non state advisors.

They are further categorized into:

  1. National Level Advisors – AYICC Kenya, 350 Kenya, Kenyan youth climate change community,……
  2. Regional Level Advisors- ……..AYICC Continental,……..
  3. Global Level Advisors – …..
  4. Legal and Administrative Advisors – Drop Access,….

Independent Reviewers.

These are seasoned experts who have had years of experience in finance or setting up and running of institutions and may wish to offer support in their individual capacities not affiliated to any organizations, entity or agencies.

Financiers and Donors.


How We Operate

Coordinating the Green Youth Climate Fund institution

The institution coordinates through a five piece section as follows

The Secretariat

It ensures the daily running of the institution and support coordination between the other four parts- the board, independent reviewers, the donor and the advisory committee.

The Board

These are young people from different regions who only meet when there is need to approve projects from their respective different regions under the direct funding modalities.

Advisory Committee

These are organizations, entities and agencies that support youth led climate actions. They can consist of both state and non-state actors, international and regional organizations that are willing to support youth engagement.