The Goal of the Institution is to coordinate global climate finance credible partnership between young people, governments, civil society, funding agencies and all other climate finance stakeholders.


The vision is to align and harmonize global youth climate finance needs with (climate finance player) government, donor, civil society, development partners, financiers objectives to support meaningful youth engagement and effective climate action.

Financing Strategy

We are looking to mobilize a total of USD. 100Billion between 2020-2030 to support youth engagement in the decade of ecosystem restoration through youth led climate actions. This is to be realized through direct and indirect financing.


How We Support Youth Climate Action

Making Climate Finance Work for Young People

Capacity Building

These are both virtual and physical- We believe that in order for young people to meaningfully engage in climate finance and climate action issues they needs to have the right capacity to drive meaningful conversations. That is why the GYCAF ensures to take climate finance information from key platforms such as COPs and SBs, synthesizes and disseminates them to young people in a language that they can understand. We strive to do this though capacity building webinars and sessions.

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Bench Marking

We ensure that the information and the standards of the institution aligns with the latest reports from credible entities such as GCF, GEF, SCF, CPI therefore ensuring that we are aligned with the ongoing climate finance discussions. For this reason we lobby for young people to engage these processes locally with national designated authorities such as GCF NDAs, regionally with regional climate change groups and globally with climate change institutions.

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Direct and Indirect Access Projects and Programmes

Through the coordination of our secretariat, independent board, donor partners and advisory committee we seek to finance youth led projects and programmes across each and every region. Some of the projects and programmes we support are; agriculture, renewable energy, nature based solutions, clean oceans, capacity building, green stewardship, technology and innovation. Our Direct Access financing criteria must align with ecosystem based approach.

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We recent projects

Direct and Indirect Access Projects

Some of ongoing projects

Adaptation for Green Jobs Programme

As a secretariat we set aside USD 2M for the programme which will strive to bring the balance between adaptation and mitigation finance. The programme will also go towards ensuring balance in global climate finance distribution. The programme will seek to create 360 green jobs in Africa, Asia and South America

Youth for green growth programme

The institution sets aside USD 2M towards this programme that will go along way in supporting young people to contribute towards global climate finance goals at national level through the NDCs and NAMAs implementation. The project will support young people to also connect with key climate change players at every level.

COP-Timizing Climate Finance Project

This project seeks to localize and mainstream finance information to the young people at the grassroot level who may not have a chance to be in the key climate finance platforms. The information is harnessed from credible sources such as COPs, SBs, SCF meetings and from key entities such as CPI and SCF.

How We Operate

Coordinating the Green Youth Climate Fund institution

The institution coordinates through a five piece section as follows

The Secretariat

It ensures the daily running of the institution and support coordination between the other four parts- the board, independent reviewers, the donor and the advisory committee.

The Board

These are young people from different regions who only meet when there is need to approve projects from their respective different regions under the direct funding modalities.

Advisory Committee

These are organizations, entities and agencies that support youth led climate actions. They can consist of both state and non-state actors, international and regional organizations that are willing to support youth engagement.

The Journey

The Road Towards Institutionalization

The GYCAF begun as an key output of a climate finance and carbon pricing webinar session held in June of 2020. At the time it was supported by a coalition of youth organizations. Drop Access and BLI Global have championed the initiative since June of 2020 and at the 26th Conference of Parties held in Glasgow, following the discussion it was realized that the initiative could run as a foundation as well as an institution. As a result BLI Global pursues the foundation and Drop Access pursues the Institution.

10 Days of Youth Climate Finance at COP 28

Catch the highlights of negotiations as part of our 10 Days of Youth Climate Finance Negotiations https://www.canva.com/design/DAFta71wGf8/A7mB8qjhB7FKyH46CgpeFA/view?utm_content=DAFta71wGf8&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink

Green Youth Climate Fund Institution Explores Partnership with Generation Africa at COP 28

At the sidelines of COP 28, we had an opportunity to explore partnership with Generation Africa on implementation of “Adaptation for Green Jobs Programme” which seeks to target the African continent. Our vision of enhancing access and transparency of youth climate finance flows is keen on channeling the much needed yet very little adaptation finance to create green jobs for young people through adaptation activities in Africa. The UNFCCC pledged USD. 300M under financing for the Adaptation Fund which has outstanding pledge of USD.148.27M, needs to support youth led adaptation interventions such as those coordinated by Generation Africa and supported by various agencies.

Exploring Collaboration with Zambia Youth on the “Youth Climate Finance Baraza” at COP 28

The concept of “youth climate finance baraza” was founded with the local community at heart. Piloting in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon and Nigeria, we were at COP 28 engaging Zambian Youth on how we could collaborate on enhancing access to climate finance for Zambian Youth through “Youth Climate Finance Barazas”. We were glad to be part of an enriching panel of youth from Zambia and will be happy to advance the agenda forward post #COP28.