The GYCAF Secretariat is headed by a CEO deputized by a COO. They are supported by 11 departments all who work to coordinate the board, the donors, advisory committee and independent reviewers. The overall work of the secretariat includes to process applications from applicants and get them ready for review by the board, donor, advisory committee and independent reviewers. They also support in the development and implementation of programmes developed by the secretariat to the young people. They conduct regular youth climate and carbon finance needs assessments and supports funded youth entities to implement their projects and programmes.

CEO and Co-Founder GYCAF Institution

Co-Founder and CEO – Green Youth Climate Fund Institution- She has supported youth in climate action since 2016 where she volunteered as a member of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change. She has since then engaged with the International Youth Climate Movement, Government of Kenya- Climate Change Directorate, National Treasury and Planning -Climate Finance and Green Economy Unit. As an AYICC Kenya volunteer she has engaged with non state actors such as PACJA, KCCWG, Care Kenya, Transparency International, FeS, ICCASA among others. She aspires to be an environmentalist and has also worked abit of research in Tana River County looking at projects that deal with climate change with focus on the Tana Delta and ecosystems interlinkages (ecotone) within the county. She is also affiliated to the ECOS platform and is familiar with the Green Champion concept.

— Ms. Dolphine Magero, Kenya
COO GYCAF Institution

COO – Green Youth Climate Fund Institution- He is a graduate from Princeston University. He has worked as a project manager for 2020 Elections Efforts in the USA actively noted in projects such as Clean Energy for Biden Among others. He is affiliated with OSS capital in his capacity as a digital consultant. He is also a team leader for high impact projects.

— Mr. Sam Butler, USA
Communications Manager

Communications Manager – Green Youth Climate Fund Institution- He has a masters in Economics and a passion for young people. He has experience working in communications as well as a social media expert. He supports GYCAF as the communications manager.

— Mr. Justin Thomas, India
Community Country Manager Tanzania

Community Manager Tanzania- Green Youth Climate Fund Institution- She is an environmental science and management student from Tanzania. She feels deeply about environmental pollution issues and hopes to create a difference at global level. She supports the GYCAF institution through tree planting activities.

— Ms. Grace Busasi, Tanzania
Community Manager Cameroon

Community Manager Cameroon- Green Youth Climate Fund Institution- He begun as a climate activist at the age of 7 years old. Since then he has worked with women and youth on climate change and environmental solutions. He supports the GYCAF through implementation of GYCAF programmes in cameroon.

— Mr. Barry Smith, Cameroon
Community Country Manager – Nigeria

Community Country Manager- Green Youth Climate Fund Institution-

Titilola is a Post-Harvest Technology Professional and a Certified Project Manager. She is a member of the Post-Harvest Education Foundation-Africa with a proven track record of working with small scale women farmers in advancing sustainable Agriculture and Food Safety and Security.

She has a certificate diploma in Global Post-Harvest Loss Prevention from the University of Illinois and a post-graduate diploma in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development from the Federal University of Technology, Abeokuta. Titilola is currently studying for an MBA, in NGO Management from Greenwich University Pakistan-Mauritius Branch Campus.

Titilola has over 10 years of experience working in the development sector contributing to Sustainable development.

She was an Oxfam Youth Ambassador in the Oxfam International Youth Partnership (OIYP) 2010-2013 Program Cycle. Titilola was also the only Nigerian youth that amplified the voices of youths and women farmers at the Rio+20 in Brasil, ensuring that their issues are mainstreamed into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

She curre


— Ms. Aisha Titilola Kazeem, Nigeria

Enhancing Access and Transparency To Youth Climate Finance Flows

The review committee is currently processing the other applicants and recruitments will be done over time. This above team has already been approved and will begin work in February 2022. Kindly be on the lookout for the other approved members on our social media platforms as well as the webiste.